September 20, 2018

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Ways to Help Arlington Earn Money this Year!


Collect Box Tops for Education coupons (worth 10 cents each) from the boxes and bags of participating General Mills, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Kleenex, Kotex, Ziploc, Scott, Hefty, and Conttonelle products. Please deposit in the Box Tops box located in the office.


Save Campbells Labels for Education Bonus Labels, checkout coupons, and Bonus Label Certificates from your grocery receipts. Please turn the UPC’s only to the box located in the office.


Save all of your receipts from the Galleria stores and food court. Turn them in to the customer service desk on the first floor and tell them it is for Arlington. Our school will earn points that can earn us money at the end of the year. If you can’t go to customer service, please turn your receipts in to the office and I will take them for you.


Sign up for South Bay Galleria e-Club at www.southbaygalleria.com. Your sign up is worth 250 points. IMPORTANT: Put Arlington Elementary in “Areas of Interest” School Name Box.


Sign up for Galleria School Rewards E-Mail. Visit shopping partnership.com, select South Bay Galleria under the Shopping Center tab, and click to join in the blue box. We can earn 250 point.


Visit facebook.com/southbaygalleria and become a fan. Then post your school name. We can earn 250 points.


Got to twitter.com/SBGalleria and select “follow”. Then got to your home page and in the “What’s happening” text box, type in: @SBGalleria/GSR/Arlington Elementary. We can earn 250 points.


Join the South Bay Galleria’s Mobile Club. Text 4 to 55800. We can earn 250 points.


Register your Ralphs Club Card at www.ralphs.com. Click on Community Contribution. NPO # 80905


 Register your Albertsons/Sav-On Preferred Savings Card at www.albertsons.com. Click on “In the Community” and Community Partners logo. Group I.D. # 49000125476.


Register your Vons Club Card at www.escrip.com Group I.D. # 6470421 Register your Food 4 Less Community Rewards Card at www.food4less.com. Click on Community Rewards. NPO # 80905.


Register your Macy’s card at www.escrip.com or call 1-800-254-5404. Group I.D. # 6470421.


Register ANY major credit or debit card at www.escrip.com and use that card when you shop at e-Scrip merchants. Group ID # 6470421.


Sign up for UPromise at www.upromise.com/schools and support Arlington Elementary. ID# 2783071372.


Link your Target Visa or Target card to Arlington School ID # 36256 at 800- 316-6142.


The Office Depot 5% Back to Schools Program donates up to 5% of your purchases. Arlington’s School ID # is 70015831. Please give the school ID # to the cashier BEFORE your transaction is totaled.


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